Best possible service

Good service is a definite must in my work. It is particularly important in peak seasons, when we have numerous customers and many of them are stressed. It is my task to calm the customer and keep them up to date on the duration of work. Customers can enjoy a cup of coffee, watch television and read the dailies at our well-lit and spacious sales outlet. Service also means that customers do not have to drive their car into the workshop; we take care of that as well.

Paulina Nygren-Bäckman

I enjoy new challenges and quick problem-solving. Customer contacts, as well as helping customers, for example, select new tyres, also interest and inspire me. I believe it is advantageous to have women, in addition to men, at the reception desk. Female customers, in particular, are clearly pleased to do business with other women.

This year, I plan to participate in Vianor’s internal sales training, which will help me to serve customers even better. It is great that Vianor emphasises staff training. The versatile training programme makes it possible to continuously improve customer service.