Understanding our environment

Environmentally friendly thinking means efficient production processes and safe, more environmentally friendly products. Protecting and respecting the environment in one’s own operations is a valuable and important choice, but it must also translate into reality.

Peter Köhne

In my opinion, an excellent example is our forestry tyres that are gentle on the forest terrain and comprehensively take the sensitive environment into consideration. Contractors who make their living from the soil or forest value the environmental friendliness and cost efficiency of tyres in terms of how they treat the terrain. It is not only about efficient harvesting but about the future of our forests.

Individual actions, invisible as such, often have a multiple impact on the end result. Many small steps result in big things. It feels really good to work in a company that pays attention to the environment not only because statutory regulations require it to do so. We have been active and taken initiative in this field for many years.