Nokian Heavy Tyres

Higher demand, production doubled

Nokian Heavy Tyres manufactures high-quality special tyres. The key product groups are forestry tyres, harbour and mining tyres, special agricultural tyres and a variety of industrial tyres. The majority of the products are manufactured at the plant in Nokia, Finland. The uniqueness of the products arise from familiarity with extreme driving conditions and respect for nature. Key markets include the Nordic countries, as well as Central and Southern Europe, the USA and Canada, Russia and the CIS countries. Nokian Heavy Tyres is known for its professional, flexible customer service – the best in its field.

Nokian Heavy Tyres is the global market leader in CTL (cut-to-length) forestry tyres. The company engages in close co-operation with machine and equipment manufacturers. Original Equipment tyre sales account for more than 40% of the unit’s net sales.

Year of growth in 2010

Demand for heavy tyres continued to grow at an accelerated pace in 2010. Nokian Heavy Tyres’ sales improved in all special use product groups, with forestry tyres showing strongest growth. Production capacity was boosted through investments and new shift arrangements. The production volume doubled in 2010 versus 2009, but there was still temporary short supply of Nokian heavy tyres during the latter half of the year. Capacity ramp-up will improve output, productivity and customer service in 2011. By the end of 2010, the plant in Nokia was running its heavy-tyre weekly manufacture at full capacity.

Nokian Heavy Tyres successfully developed its distribution network. New distributor contracts and 22 new Vianor Industrial stores in the Nordic countries were established to meet the increasing customer demand for technical services.

The Beyond All-Steel technology, a result of persistent product development, features a unique combination of the best features of traditional cross-ply and radial tyres. The products have supreme stability, excellent durability and low rolling resistance. The new technology further strengthens the position of Nokian Heavy Tyres as a manufacturer of quality products.

World leader in forestry tyres

Nokian Heavy Tyres has a global market share of around 30% in forestry tyres. The company has designed special tyres for forestry machines deploying the CTL (cut-to-length) method invented in the Nordic countries in the 1960s, and it is the global market leader in this field. The company has the benefit of being closely located to the world’s leading machine and equipment manufacturers, with which it co-operates closely in the field of product development and testing. The customers of Nokian Heavy Tyres appreciate tyres that are functional and economical overall. For them, economic hourly usage costs of tyres and machines are more important than low acquisition prices.

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