Nokian Truck Tyres

Rising star in recovering markets

Nokian Truck Tyres focuses on tyres and retreading materials for demanding conditions. High-quality truck tyres are developed in Finland and manufactured as off-take contract manufacturing in plants whose level of quality satisfies the tough requirements of Nokian Tyres. Retreading materials, which are mainly used in truck tyres and tyres for industrial machinery, are manufactured at the plant in Nokia, Finland. Winter treads for truck tyres are the key retreading products. The core markets lie in the Nordic countries, while the biggest growth opportunities are found in Russia, other CIS countries, as well as Central and Eastern Europe.

Nokian truck tyres and Nokian Noktop retreading materials are designed for demanding professional use and changing conditions. Products are designed for and tested in demanding northern conditions, for example, at the Ivalo test centre in northern Finland. New products, such as the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck product family, further improve the first-rate winter tyre selection.

Successful product development benefits from close and confidential co-operation with transport operators and companies. Tyres both new and retreaded must perform reliably, be durable and ensure excellent grip. A low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption, which is particularly important in professional driving.

In 2010, the net sales of Nokian Truck Tyres increased by more than 40%. An improved product range in both premium and standard segments boosted the market share in the Nordic countries, Russia, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. A higher utilisation rate of transport fleets and the restocking carried out by customers also increased retreading sales.

Higher sales, increases in tyre prices and well-timed purchases raised the profitability of Nokian Truck Tyres to a record level in 2010. The expansion in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, based on the Vianor Truck service concept, is an ongoing process.

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