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Nokian Hakka Green - Naturally safe

Nokian Hakka GreenThe ultra-lightly rolling new tyre utilises the Venturi effect, which causes the downforce familiar from Formula racing cars, the surface shape of a golf ball, as well as Nordic pine oil. Designed for northern conditions, the superior new-generation product is extremely stable and safe and performs superbly in wet conditions. If all Nordic motorists (in Finland, Sweden and Norway) used Nokian Hakka Green tyres, estimated annual fuel savings would be over 390 million litres. Carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by some 960,000 tonnes.

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV - Firm grip and excellent durability

Hakkapeliitta 7 SUVThe sturdy new tyre delivers unparalleled performance in all northern winter conditions. Developed for demanding SUV use, the winter product combines reliable grip with exceptional durability and unique driving comfort. Air Claw Technology ensures firm grip and soft road contact.

Nokian HTS Straddle - Superior stability for straddle carriers

HTS StraddleWith its unique structure, Nokian HTS Straddle combines unyielding stability and excellent wear resistance for straddle carriers labouring in ports and goods terminals. The exceedingly sturdy Beyond All-Steel structure maximises the stiffness of the body, which enables optimal use of the load-bearing capacity of the nimble, quick straddle carrier.