Groove depth indicator – Patented safety

The DSI (Driving Safety Indicator) patented by Nokian Tyres is a standard feature in all Nokian brand tyres. The numbers in the tyre’s centre tread indicate the depth of the main grooves in millimetres. Winter tyres additionally include a snowflake symbol, known as the WSI (Winter Safety Indicator), which alerts to changes in wintertime safety features. When the symbol wears out, it is time to get a new set of winter tyres. For winter driving to be safe, the groove depth must be at least 4 mm. The corresponding symbol in summer tyres, the droplet, disappears when the groove depth drops under 4 mm, drawing attention to an increased risk of aquaplaning.

Air Claw Technology – Superior comfort

This innovation, formed by a multi-edged, sturdy anchor stud and droplet-shaped air shock absorbers on the front edge of the Hakkapeliitta 7 tread blocks, offers drivers superior driving comfort and safety. It is comparable to good running shoes: the air shock absorbers soften and absorb the impact of the studs on the road. Air Claw Technology also reduces road wear and tear, reduces tyre noise and improves the durability of studs.

Hakka Green Silica and pine oil – Skilful integration of safety and environmental friendliness

The unique Hakka Green Silica tread compound, adapted to variable northern conditions, ensures good wet grip at all temperatures. The pine oil added to the full-silica compound effectively lowers the temperature of the rubber compound by reducing the friction caused by intermolecular movement. Thanks to the high-tech rubber compound, the durable tyre rolls lightly in difficult conditions, consumes less fuel and minimises emissions harmful to the environment.

Beyond All-Steel – Challenger to All-Steel special tyres

Better stability, more service hours, enhanced safety. The revolutionary Beyond All-Steel Radial technology features a unique combination of the best features of the traditional cross-ply and radial tyres: supreme stability, excellent durability and a low rolling resistance. State-of-the-art technology combined with advanced and extremely durable materials enable unforeseen structural solutions. The future technology will revolutionise the properties of heavy-duty machinery tyres. For the operator, this means higher efficiency, reliability of use and lower fuel costs, and for the driver, increased driving comfort.

Nokian Forest King F and Nokian Forest Rider
– The world’s strongest forestry tyres

The Nokian Forest King F, the sturdy new product introduced by the frontrunner in forestry tyres, offers the best available reliability and load-bearing capacity for modern harvesters and forwarders. The higher load-bearing capacity of the environmentally friendly special tyres enables an additional load of some four cubic metres. The Nokian Forest King F and the Nokian Forest Rider, the latter offering superior traction and driving comfort, form the world’s strongest duo of forestry tyres.