Promoting safety

Marc Bujold

What I definitely like best about my job is that the product I represent offers real value to customers. There’s no need to come up with captivating stories to support marketing or to stretch the truth. Instead, I can look a customer in the eye and promise them that they will not regret this purchase decision.

Driving conditions in Vermont are much the same as in Finland, but we sometimes experience even bigger changes in temperature. A freezing day may be followed by rain, and the next day the roads have once again frozen over. We have to deal with some very demanding conditions, so drivers have no trouble understanding the importance of good tyres.

Whenever I sell a new set of tyres, I know I’ve promoted people’s safety on the road. What I also value very highly is that the design and manufacture of our products shows great respect for the environment. Especially younger customers appreciate – and even demand – the opportunity to choose the kind of tyre print they leave on the environment.

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