Key objectives 2011–2012

Growth in Nokian Tyres’ core markets is expected to be stronger than the global market growth in 2011–2012. The target of Nokian Tyres is to continue to outperform competition in terms of growth and profitability and to further improve market position.

Key strategic objectives into 2015

Market leadership in the Nordic countries

The key objective is to be the Nordic market leader as a tyre manufacturer and tyre distributor. Best customer service and highest customer loyalty in the home market.

Market leadership in premium tyres in Russia and other
CIS countries

The objective is to be the leading tyre manufacturer and tyre distributor of the premium car tyres in Russia and CIS countries and among the top suppliers of special heavy tyres.

Globally strong position in core product

The niche strategy is geared towards building a significant global position in narrow, growing product segments.

Growth through a continuously improved product range

Profitable growth is based on investments in core products and services that give customers genuine added value and enhance the ability to launch innovative products and services.

Profit growth through high productivity and the best
customer processes in the industry

Improvements in operational efficiency and profitability are achieved through the ongoing development of logistic processes, total quality and productivity.

Profit growth through skilled, inspired personnel
with entrepreneurial spirit

The personnel’s active and entrepreneurial attitude towards the development of personal skills and company performance supports the selected focus strategy and company pursuit of an ethical and responsible operating policy.